Customized Management Programs for Cemetery Clients

Some of the best-managed cemeteries in our area have discovered that Landserv can provide the staff and equipment they need for complete property maintenance and management. Year-round maintenance of all grounds and individual plot management are just two aspects of their service. We can also prepare a family vault or pour the foundation for a monument. We will oversee all clerical issues, including filing the necessary city and state permits.

No Excuses... Consistently Reliable

Because our crews and equipment are available year-round, we can handle anything from multiple interments to dealing with difficult soil and weather conditions. Our professional management staff will personally interact with area funeral directors to ensure smooth preparations and interments.

Behind the Scenes

We are also prepared to handle plot sales and manage day-to-day facility operations. Maintaining beautiful cemetery grounds and providing efficient management services are second nature to us.

Above Perfection · Since image is everything in my industry, Landserv is the only one for me. They keep my curb appeal and first impression just above perfection.