Property Maintenance for Commercial Clients

We know how difficult it is to maintain all aspects of your business property. The parking lot needs striping. The building could use power washing. The gutters and downspouts should be cleaned. Or perhaps there are endless complaints about burnt out light bulbs in the parking garage. Your crew can only tend to so much.

We can help. Let us.

Landserv has the crews and the equipment to offer select support services to our clients. In addition to our usual exterior landscaping work, we can handle anything from providing regular building maintenance to carpentry, remodeling, siding, painting, roofing or fencing. We can be your partner.

We’ll respond quickly and professionally to get the job done, and the way you’d want it done. Offering the appropriate support services for your property is second nature to us.

Above Perfection · Since image is everything in my industry, Landserv is the only one for me. They keep my curb appeal and first impression just above perfection.