Cemetery Services

Cemetery services that are second to none is simply second nature to us.

Some of the best maintained and managed small and mid-sized cemeteries have discovered that Landserv can provide the next generation of cemetery services to replace the outdated “caretaker” position of years past.

A decision to outsource cemetery services is one of great responsibility. Many cemetery boards have chosen to replace the “caretaker” position of years past with the new generation of cemetery services provided by Landserv, Inc.

With over 50 years of combined experience, we are well versed in needs of all religious denominations and “green burials”.

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Maintenance Programs

Our comprehensive maintenance program maintains the grounds in a uniform, consistent fashion to respect the dignity of all whom are interned and the loved ones that come to visit. This includes seasonal leaf clean-up, regular mowing of the lawns, trimming around monuments and memorials, fertilization with weed control and snow plowing.

Burial & Monument Programs

Our complete burial program encompasses the very delicate, time sensitive nature of this service. It starts with an excellent working relationship with many of the area’s most respected funeral home, preparation of the grave site prior to the service, respectful supervision during the service and a caring restoration of the plot after the services are complete.

By being consistent and reliable, we provide peace of mind to you and to the families, knowing that all aspects of our services will be handled properly, appropriately and timely.

We have a working partnership with select artisans in the monument and memorial business. Once a selection is made, the foundation is installed to support the monuments for many years to come.

Behind the Scenes

We are also prepared to handle plot sales and manage day-to-day facility operations. Maintaining beautiful cemetery grounds and providing efficient management services are second nature to us.

Extremely Pleased · Your crew is the nicest, hardest working one I have ever met. We were extremely pleased with the quality and value of the work done.