Gazebos & Pavilions

Landserv has a thirty plus year partnership with an excellent team of skilled Amish craftsmen who use the latest state-of-the-art woodworking machinery to produce the finest sheds, garages, outbuildings, gazebos, pergolas, pavilions and cabanas available today.

Each one of my client’s needs are unique. That is why Landserv highly recommends an in-house and on-site consultation. This approach is industry leading. This allow listening to your needs, making recommendations and reviewing the delivery accessibility first hand. We hand the complete process from concept to completion.

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Our Delivery Methods

There are three delivery methods available for your project:

  • Delivery by truck and trailer while on paved and hard surfaces which may also utilize PVC tubes as “rollers”, just like how the “Pyramids” were built.
  • Delivery by “Mule”. The Mule is a small, all-terrain mini forklift specifically designed for this purpose. Equipped with wide floatation tires, The Mule can delivery across your yard in a delicate manner. This works well in situations involving tight turns, low clearances or soft ground.
  • Build on-site. Your structure is delivered in kit form, with the floor and walls pre-assembled in modular sections. This allows us to carry pieces to its final location and complete the building onsite. This process is also necessary on larger projects which can not be transported due to transportation restrictions.

Above Perfection · Since image is everything in my industry, Landserv is the only one for me. They keep my curb appeal and first impression just above perfection.